Joseph Hasper


Joseph Hasper is an American composer whose work is post-modern with distinct jazz influences. His works have been performed by ensembles in over 37 countries, including the Holland Symphony Orchestra, Carolina Cool Jazz Orchestra, Oklahoma School of Dance, Newburg Symphony, Coachella Valley Symphony, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Izmir Youth Orchestra, and countless other professional and educational ensembles. Among his most celebrated works are interactive and multimedia works, such as WaTER Dance (for six dancers, six musicians, and interactive electronics), Movie Music (for any number of musicians, dancers, and live painters), and ballet pieces Hope Dance, ABC Dance, and Les Jongleurs.

Joseph’s teachers include Leonardo Balada and Marilyn Taft Thomas (Carnegie Mellon University), Marvin Lamb and Konstantinos Karathanasis (University of Oklahoma), and Rich Shemeira and Phil Markowitz (Mannes College). He is currently Associate Professor of Music at Grove City College, where he teaches theory, composition,  and jazz ensembles.


19 January 2019, News
Upcoming Premieres
After a busy and productive December I now have the scores finished for two upcoming premieres. "Ignotibus Manibus" (The Unseen Hand) is an orchestral piece that I'm very excited about because it uses some interesting stochastic processes. That is, ...
27 August 2018, News
Orchestra Piece Being Recorded
I just found out my orchestra piece "In The Air" is being recorded by the NEO Sound orchestra in October! This is the final movement of the symphony I wrote for my doctoral dissertation at the University of Oklahoma, and this is the first performance of ...

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Ignotis Manibus (The Unseen Hand)
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In The Air
Freedom is a Thorny Crown