Joseph Hasper
Joseph Hasper


10 Oct 2015

New Tunes For Fall!

With winter approaching I finished a few new songs for MusicaNeo:

    Winter Suite (brass quintet). Brilliant brass showcase in five movements that are perfect for fall and winter: 1. Quick and Light / 2. Dark Reflection / 3. Majestic / 4. Drifting Snow / 5. Of Two Minds.
    The Kings They Came (SATB, a cappella). A short (3'00") wintry theme with text based on a poem by Sara Teasdale.
    In the Fishery of Souls (SATB and organ). Thoughtful, poignant text based on a poem by Stella Davis is set to contemporary harmonies in this 5'00" choral anthem.
    Is that all? Hardly! I finished 20 new combo arrangements for my friend David Fantom, a UK band leader, four or five R&B charts for the Penn Family Band in North Carolina, a couple really tough jazz combo pieces for King Sam in Hong Kong, and helped out Joe LaRosa (leader of Simply Swing, a Connecticut bigband) with a couple original bigband charts.
    Next up: look for some new jazz charts to show up in my catalog later this fall!



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