Joseph Hasper
Joseph Hasper


25 Oct 2016

New Jazz Combo Charts To Warm Up The Winter

Two brand new jazz combo charts were added to my MusicaNeo catalog today! The funk groove Three Hundred Thousand Degrees can now be viewed in two different lineups, one for combo with three horns (trumpet, sax, trombone) and one for combo with two horns (trumpet and sax).

The sax part is scored for tenor sax but includes an alto sax substitute, so you can use either horn without sacrificing a thing. The rhythm section calls for guitar, piano, bass, and drums. (On the recording I only went through the solo section once, with the sax, but open solo space is cued for each instrument.)

Bringing the guitar player more into the forefront of the jazz combo is something I've been working on all year, starting with charts like M Groove where the chart calls for a rock 'n roll type guitar sound. Three Hundred Thousand Degrees extends that concept, giving the guitar some extra room to growl and contribute a nice "crunch" to the combo.

Like all my charts on MusicaNeo, this one includes a full score and a complete set of parts. The duration is 4'45" (without repeats). 61 pages (24 pages score, 37 pages parts).



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