Joseph Hasper
Joseph Hasper


27 Aug 2018

Orchestra Piece Being Recorded

I just found out my orchestra piece "In The Air" is being recorded by the NEO Sound orchestra in October! This is the final movement of the symphony I wrote for my doctoral dissertation at the University of Oklahoma, and this is the first performance of the piece.It's humbling, frustrating, puzzling, and astonishing to follow the trajectory of a composition. This one was composed six years ago, and leaves the first three movements still looking for a premiere performance. My teacher Marvin Lamb used to tell me not to worry about how long it takes to get a piece performed. He would say "A good piece will always find its legs," meaning a good piece will eventually arrive at the appropriate time with the appropriate ensemble. So I'm happy for this opportunity, and looking forward to the rest of the symphony "finding it's legs."



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