Joseph Hasper
Joseph Hasper


19 Jan 2019

Upcoming Premieres

After a busy and productive December I now have the scores finished for two upcoming premieres. "Ignotibus Manibus" (The Unseen Hand) is an orchestral piece that I'm very excited about because it uses some interesting stochastic processes. That is, there's no way of telling beforehand how the piece will turn out, and no two performances are ever the same!

For wind ensemble, I'm fortunate to have friends in the Northwest Passage Trumpet Trio who have asked me to write a piece for them. The result is a concerto for three trumpets and wind ensemble, "Trumpet Concertutti"--"a bravura showcase for virtuoso trumpets" set as a concerto grosso. In this piece I dug up some old, old concerto techniques and recast them in a more modern role. So here we find the double exposition and the ritornello, and the cadenza goes right where you'd expect it to.

Both pieces are anticipated to be played by Grove City College ensembles this year.



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