Joseph Hasper
Joseph Hasper


Concertutti Brevis

KomponistJoseph Hasper
VerlegerJoseph Hasper
Genre Klassische Musik / Konzert
Instrumentierung Flöte, Klarinette, Fagott, Oboe, Horn, Posaune, Trompete, Tuba, Kleine Trommel, Pauke, Becken, Grosse Trommel, Bassklarinette, Altsaxophon, Tenorsaxophon, Baritonsaxophon
Partitur fürBlasorchester, Bläserensemble, Concert Band
Art der PartiturPartitur, Stimmen
Länge 4'5"
Schwierigkeitsgrad Fortgeschritten
Jahr der Komposition 2020
Concertutti Brevis is a virtuoso piece for trumpet that deliberately uses every kind of technical and artistic difficulty. There are tricky fingerings, awkward leaps, fast runs, intricate rhythms, and a host of challenges for the trumpet player. There is literally nowhere to hide any technical deficiencies in this piece.

“Concertutti” is a portmanteau, a made-up word combining “concerto” (a composition for one or more soloists with a large ensemble) and “tutti” (everyone). The trumpet is featured, but a group effort is needed and every instrument has an important parts.

Performance time: 4’05”

There are two other versions available. Each alternate version is also available as a solo for one trumpet and the respective ensembles:
Concertutti – for three solo trumpets and wind ensemble
Concertutti Meno – for three solo trumpets and piano

Datum des Uploads 24 Sep 2020

Noten 36.00 USD
1.93 Mb
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