Joseph Hasper
Joseph Hasper

Sheet Music

Nyan Mixxim Meow

ComposerJoseph Hasper
PublisherJoseph Hasper
Genre Classical / Contemporary
Instrumentation Piano, Flute, Trombone, Tom-tom
Type of scoreFull score
Duration 3'15"
Difficulty Medium
Year of composition 2012
Nyan Mixxim Meow is scored for flute, trombone, prepared piano, and percussion (two tom-toms). The trick was to incorporate several "secret ingredients" required for the OCA competition--the "secret ingredients" were published last week and composers were given 2 weeks to complete their scores using the required elements. For this round of competition the required elements were Nyan Cat (a viral YouTube video), gamelan, and hemiola.

Nyan Mixxim Meow takes some direct quotes from the Nyan Cat video, but puts them in the prepared piano part. This makes them almost unrecognizable, as the piano is "prepared" in such a way that the strings sound plucked and very percussive. The frenetic feel of the Nyan Cat video is reproduced by an catchy rhthym ostinato played by the tom-toms and piano. The gamelan is hinted at by the timbre of the piano and the shifting rhythms passed between the drums and piano. The hemiola is carried out by all of the instruments, as triplets are played against an emphatic duple feel.

The difficulty level is moderate; college players will sight read this, and high school players will play it comfortably after after one or two rehearsals.

The piano is "prepared" by placing a bath towel against the strings to dampen them. This is absolutely non-damaging to any piano, and takes only a minute to set up.

Upload date 13 Sep 2012

Sheet music file including a license for an unlimited number of performances, limited to one year. 1.00 USD
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