Joseph Hasper
Joseph Hasper


01 Feb 2015

New Music and New Projects

This winter has turned out to be a busy, productive season for me. My new brass octet, "Winter Suite," is now done (and available for download!). "Winter Suite" is a four movement piece for 3 trumpets, F horn, 3 trombones, and tuba. The total duration is just over 9 minutes, and it's level is medium-difficult (grade 4).

And. . . I've been named to organize and lead a choir for Easter Sunday services, so besides recruiting and rehearsing, I'll be busy arranging vocal parts and writing instrumental parts.

And. . . I'm working with lyric soprano Lisa Lindley one more time, arranging an aria ("Siempre Libre") from Il Traviata for soprano, flute, cello and piano. Our previous projects turned out great, so I'm excited to get this one underway and rack up another great performance.

And. . . my research into harmonic vectors, which assigns quantitative values to a composition's chord variety, frequency of change, chromaticism, and harmonic distance, is just about complete. For test subjects I chose two albums by Thelonious Monk and two albums by Lennon/McCartney--and the results are not what you might guess!

Looking forward to an equally busy spring!



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